The Radio School

1 to 1, Face to Face, Online Radio Presentation & Production Courses, from Kent, England

Online Radio Training

All online Radio Training is via Skype or our Special digital links in studio quality. If you have the Chrome browser you can take advance of our studio quality radio training from your home.

Radio School Training online is just as intense as face to face. How to make good creative and professional radio, how to interview and compile contemporary radio shows in today's internet age, how to stand out and make your mark.

You'll learn all the required skills in order to move on in radio. You can have a day course or you can 'pay as you go' with single hour radio training. £85 per hour (no VAT to pay)

You'll also receive "home work" after each session to enhance your presentation and technique. You'll be assessed on an on going basis.

Email for prices if outside UK. This is a chance to be taught by an active British radio veteran with 45 years British radio broadcasting experience in BBC National & local radio also the commercial sector.

Email for more info on Radio Training online

Your Radio Course Trainer Rod has over 45 years professional radio broadcast experience. (First programme with BBC Radio Medway was at 14) Rod's personal 1 to 1 broadcast training is ideal for beginners or people who want to make a career change into radio broadcasting. He's an impressive record for getting new talent into broadcasting jobs. Rod's worked for BBC Radio 1 & 2, BBC Radio 5, BBC World service, Metro Radio, Capital/Invicta, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Kent LBC, Talksport & Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Network Radio & TV)