The Radio School

1 to 1, Face to Face, Online Radio Presentation & Production Courses, from Kent, England

Online Radio Assessments

Book a 1 hour Radio Presenter Evaluation hour. Find out if you've got the right stuff to make it as a radio Presenter. We'll set up a mini programme and you can see how you feel.

Radio School 1 to 1 assessments & consultations are conducted online via Skype/Source Connect. One Hour £150 (no vat).

You'll also present a mini basic programme with announcements and production elements with music. Before your evaluation, we'll send you some relevant scripts, including traffic news, weather, requests and an advert/commercial to read.

You'll present some ad lib announcements and play in music (which we'll play in from this end). This very mini show forms part of your assessment hour, which you'll find fun, informative & challenging. Who knows we might even reveal more about your personality and communication skills then you first thought. This assessment will allow you to have a taster of being a radio presenter.

Rod Lucas can help you decide if you're cut out for radio or not. He'll guide and advise on your Radio Presenting and DJ abilities and give you a very good idea on how to get into radio presenting. £150 (no vat to pay) for your private assessment and consultation. You'll get an honest and considered opinion on your Radio Personality too.